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Project Description

Project: North Star Lofts

Service: Forensic Analysis

Project Brief:

The Department of Transportation building is a 1950′s-era building clad in large granite panels. Encompass performed a comprehensive facade investigation and found that the steel supports that anchor the panels had largely corroded away and were jeopardizing the panels’ stability.

Encompass conducted yearly monitoring of the facade to identify new panel movements until funding could be allocated for the repair project. Encompass developed an early warning detection system mounted to certain panels and we designed an impact-reducing protection system erected on the low roof to prevent building damage in the event of a panel fall.

Encompass oversaw all technical aspects of the facade repair project, which entailed removal and re-installation of all the granite panels and repair of improper details that caused the damage initially. Encompass received a 2010 ACEC of Minnesota Excellence in Engineering Award for this project.

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