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We are a team of architects, structural, civil and mechanical engineers and we perform structural analysis/forensic analysis on construction projects at all phases: design, build, renovation and repair.

We also investigate building problems and failures. Those services are covered in another article on this website.

At the start of any project there are going to be architectural drawings and specifications. We can prepare all the necessary documents for you or will review any documents you already have.

If already in place, we will go over architectural drawings and specifications, making modifications where necessary and provide quality assurance during construction.

We provide the owner of the build project representation throughout all phases of the build. Once we have been given approval to go ahead with the project, we prepare bid documents and then oversee the bid process. This includes, in part, the project description, contract pricing, payment basis and construction schedule.

After the bid phase is complete and contractors in place, we meet with the contractors and make recommendations on work methods and materials. We create a streamlined construction schedule, in an effort to save time and money throughout the entire construction or renovation process.

Once construction begins, we offer daily, on-site observation of the work as part of our structural analysis/forensic analysis responsibilities.

We oversee all technical aspects of construction or repair projects to make sure contractors adhere to the contract documents as well to make sure they are adhering to building codes.

We are concerned with every detail of the construction or renovation: load stresses on beams, connecting rods and columns. We look at all plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems. For one example, we verify air handling systems are located and sized properly to handle heating, cooling and humidity.

We examine everything down to the smallest level of detail, including roof anchors and the testing of windows and curtain walls.

A high quality construction or renovation project not only has to pass structural analysis/forensic analysis, but the final work must also be serviceable and provide for proper, regular building maintenance.

As construction or renovation is nearing completion, we can perform a building commissioning to ensure that every system within the building is working as designed, providing assessment and documentation of electrical and mechanical systems. And we can certify final project completion.

From the start of any project, we make sure the aesthetics are not overlooked.  As important as structural analysis/forensic analysis is, the end result must also be a comfortable and pleasing environment, including acoustical treatments as necessary.

Our engineers and architects are sensitive to the design integrity of a renovation of an historic building. If new construction, we keep the client’s design at the forefront of every decision made along the way.

The end product is a safe, structurally sound and well-designed new or renovated building.

an image of a cinder block wall with a forensic analysis tool bolted to it
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