Forensic Analysis – Building Problems & Failures

Forensic Structural Analysis – 
Building Failures

We investigate building problems and failures and perform structural analysis/forensic analysis.

We also work on construction projects in all phases: design, build, renovation and repair. Those services are covered in another article on this website.

When a building failure results in personal injury or property damage we can go in to investigate and determine the root cause of the failure.

Some failures are the result of an incorrect design, meaning there was a potential for a building failure right from the start. Reviewing initial architectural and engineering designs may point out where the fault originated.

Having an outside, third party, like Encompass, review building architectural and engineering designs before construction begins can prevent potential, future failures right from the beginning.

Even with the best of engineering designs, a failure may occur due to improper construction procedures or the use of defective materials.  These problems can be hidden if, during construction, there was no oversight or accountability.

In that case it may only be through structural analysis/forensic analysis after an incident occurs that it is discovered there was improper construction or defective materials were used.

In addition to structural analysis/forensic analysis, Encompass performs building commissioning services. A commissioning service review goes over, among other things, all the building systems, making sure plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems are working as designed.

Ideally, we would like to be involved at every stage of a construction project to provide daily oversight, prevent poor construction practices and oversee the use of proper materials.

Other causes of building failure may be due to a lack of proper maintenance or weather damage.

Is the weather damage something which could have been prevented through proper design, use of proper materials or through regular maintenance? We also specialize in moisture intrusion investigations.

We can test curtain walls and windows to make sure they are properly designed and installed to hold up and work in typical wind and weather conditions.

If there is concern damage may be due to the building settling or otherwise moving we can install monitoring systems to gage any shifts.

Inevitably a building failure may lead to legal action, especially when the result is personal injury or a product failure.  We have experience as an expert witness in all phases of litigation.

We bring the results of our structural analysis/forensic analysis after a review of the site and can testify as to the likely cause of the incident; be it a construction defect, structural or mechanical system failure.

We are experts in construction and renovation. We are comprised of a team of architects, designers and engineers. Bring us in at the start of your project reduce your risk of failure.

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